JL MAG Rare-Earth Co., Ltd. has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on September 21 2018 with stock code 300748 and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on January 14 2022 with stock code 6680, is a professional high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnetic materials. It is a leading supplier of global new energy resources and environmentally friendly core applied materials.
The products of JL MAG are widely used in new energy vehicles and auto parts, energy-saving inverter air conditioners, wind power, 3C, energy-saving elevators, robots & intelligent manufacturing, rail transit and other fields.
JL MAG has established long-term and firm cooperative relations with domestic and overseas leading companies in those various fields.

Neodymium magnets

Compared with other magnetic materials, NdFeB permanent magnet materials have outstanding advantages in magnetic properties, high BH value, Hcb value and capacity density. Currently JL MAG is able to supply a full range of products including sintered NdFeB, injected magnets, and molded magnets. It is equipped with entire production capacity of product development, mold development and manufacturing, blank production, finished product processing, surface treatment and other links under fully controlled and managed process. JL MAG masters core technologies such as blank production and grain boundary diffusion technology. It has obtained a number of invention patents in China, the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries and is able to supply customers with high-performance rare earth permanent magnets in a long-term and stable manner.

Rare Earth Resources

Rare earths are important strategic resources in China. JL MAG has signed long-term supply agreements with China Rare Earth Group and China Northern Rare Earth Group, as well as established firm cooperative relations with important rare earth raw material suppliers, which guarantees JL MAG long-term stable supply of rare earth raw materials. JL MAG is headquartered in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, the main source area of heavy rare earths. It covers an area of 284 acres establishes an overall process production line of high-performance rare earth magnets with an annual output of 15,000 tons. It also invests production base and R&D base of high-performance rare-earth permanent magnet materials in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, which is a main source area of light rare earths. The new JL MAG Baotou Plant is one off world’s first environmentally friendly smart factory that uses renewable resources to carry out the full-process production of rare earth permanent magnets, and will become a world’s leading producer in terms of independent-plant scale, automation, and intelligent technology.
With completing the first phase of the Baotou Plant, JL MAG will reach to a total production capacity of 23,000 tons. Meanwhile, JL MAG also plans to build a factory in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, where locates a lot of rare earth permanent magnet industries with abundant resources.

China RE Group

Heavy Rare Earth

Ganzhou Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd. is a holding company of China RE
group which is one of the Six RE Groups of China. It has almost all mining
rights of Jiangxi Province, and also has rich experience in operation and
management of rare earth extraction, separation and storage.
By equity cooperation with Ganzhou RE group, JL MAG has gained resources
protection of heavy rare earth. Among the national 67 rare earth mineral rights certificates released by the Ministry of Land and Resources, Ganzhou RE group owns 44 certificates.

Light Rare Earth

China RE Group has the mining ownership of 3 million tons rare earth, which can guarantee the stable supply of JLMAG’s light rare earth.