The vision of JL MAG is to become the world’s leading enterprise within the rare earth permanent magnet industry. Since its establishment, it has kept in mind the mission of creating a better life with rare earths. Focusing on the fields of new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, adhering to the core values of customer-oriented and value co-creation, practicing the business philosophy of leading technology, reliable quality, punctual delivery, managerial (service) upgrading, capital assistance and leapfrog development. JL MAG will continue to contribute magnetic power to the great career of carbon neutrality.

Closing te loop

Recycling of NdFeB magnets


JL MAG offers an unique solution to customers based on the Cradle to Cradle concept. Because we have a guaranteed availability of HRE and LRE raw material through formal business relationships with mining companies, we can offer a possibility to recycle not only the waste material during process or usage, but also reclycle finished products at the end of life cycle.


Because we know how to produce magnet, we are also very familiar with the content and structure of the magnet material. Through clever design and engineering, the customer Sustainability Strategy is supported with “design for recycling” in order to make de-assembly more easily. Customer and supplier can find the most economical solution together.


Sustainability Strategy

After magnet production, grinding material dust, small lumps of production material and final product can be recycled. The efficiency of reclycing grows with the virginity of the material. Therefor it is highly feasible to recycle larger magnets and magnet particles. The recycled material has the same quality as the original oxides or even the original grade. This offers the customer at first a price advantage, but more important an asset tot fulfill its sustainability stategy or even their green image. JL MAG strives continuously to improve their processes in order to reduce to pressure on the environment coming from our industrialized world.

The Green Deal

At our new plant in Baotou the whole energy consumption is covered by sustainable energy from shareholder Goldwind:

    • Power supply agreement with shareholder Goldwind to use 100% renewable energy;
    • Solar panels are installed in the rood to use 100% renewable energy;
    • Developing better technology to lower the carbon footprint and enable the highest possible efficiency.